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Come one come all for the most pitiful of sights
A lovesick boy on the stage tonight
He shuts the whole world out, watch as he cries
Hear him beg to his God to die
His body exhausted, His eyes red and puffed
This poor boy will never know When enough is enough
He fights and he fights For love yet unseen
So in walks the girl, the girl of his dreams

His heart on a yo-yo, she squeals with delight
Up and down, up and down, which will it be tonight
Now you'll want to see this, folks gather 'round
Every now and then, she makes his heart hit the ground
Now it's covered with gravel, covered with dirt
But our lovesick boy just smiles through the hurt
He can't make it end, he can't pull the trigger
Convinced they're destined for something much bigger

Ladies and gentlemen, you're getting your nickel's worth
Our boy here loves the girl more than anything on earth
And fortunately for him, she feels the same
But they aren't the only players in this sordid game
There's more to this story, if you'd like to see it
But it'll be another nickel to step into the next tent
Watch your step and away we go
Folks here it comes, welcome to the freakshow

You've shelled out your farthings, on to the next scene
Where a dastardly ex-lovebuddy intervenes
Ex-lovebuddy's sick, ex-lovebuddy's dying
She doesn't love ex-lovebuddy like that, but she's not above lying
She says "there's no us" to our boy, so distraught
But our boy knows there's always been an "Us" in this plot.
When you speak of a union, speak of forever
Saying "there's no us" is a futile endeavor

Fade to spot, leaves our boy alonely and cold
He still loves the girl, his hand he won't fold
Now in floats a figure from the dark of the night
She's pale and so beautiful, bathed in white light
An appearance dear audience, from his muse, so illusive
This relationship, so much more abusive
She smiles as she beats him, knowing it's for the best
Striking him for days without a moment's rest

Watch as our boy, he puts pad to pen
Even though he knows, the story's not at an end
A running commentary, a story thus far
Bringing you folks right now to where we are
He stands and he bows, desiring your validation
Now that you know all this information
The far tent flap opens, please follow me
As of right now, you've seen all there is to see
Complete, for now.
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April 18, 2010
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