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(Verse 1)
Cork on a shaken bottle
Hand on the fuckin' throttle
Vampire In the sun
Hammer on the starting gun
I'm about to explode
I'm made out of solid gold
I'm money and I know it
Just need a chance to show it
I'm about to explode
Yeah, I'm about to expload
(Verse 2)
Gimme love, gimme fame
Feed my ego, make it tame
Take the pain, take the blame
This is not a fucking game
Kill the beggar
Kill the priest
Kill the beauty
Kill the beast
Kill the heart
Kill the brain
Kill the needle
Kill the vein
Kill affect
Kill the price
Kill the cause and
Kill the vice
(Verse 3)
Kiss me, bite me
Whips and chains excite me
Make it hard, make it burst
Make it better, make it worse
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 0
So, it's time for me to do a little backtracking
Like a big newspaper time to issue a retraction
I miss what we had, all the things we would do
But never in million years could I miss you
True self comes out, where was this back when
Claws come out only after it ends
Girl you had me twisted, mind brainwashed
Changed who I was for you, and got lost
OH-EM-GEE Does that hit close to home?
Sounds just like same song different tone
You did to others like he did to you
Your own twisted fucked up golden rule
Now you're gonna try to play it innocent like
Never asked no one to change, it was all me, right?
We both fuckin' know that's a bald-faced lie
If I didn't roll with it you'd have said goodbye
Back to my senses
But your cloud's in the distance
Wonder what poor sap you're raining on now
How long will it be til he feels like he's drowning
It was a year and a half of my life
Everyone remembers good times before strife
If only I could hate you, like's vice versa
Your virus dormant in my system
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 2
Points Of Interest
1. People are scared of what they don't understand
2. Fear and ignorance are BFFLs
3. I know how Samara felt now
4. Learn what principalities and powers are, then come talk
to me
5. This cold war is heating up
6. I love the bones of you. That, I will never escape
7. But the bones I love are memento mori as well
8. My heels are soapy, it's time to glide
9. North > South
10. Second chances aren't always first mistakes.
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 2
Mature content
Hatekus :iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 2
I Miss...
I miss long nights meandering in conversation until early
I miss being silly with someone who meant the world to me
I miss sticking my tongue out to someone older than five
I miss crying with someone else until the tears ran dry
I miss the way the monitor lit your face
I miss the way eveything in your room was out of place
I miss waking up early to talk, my alarm going off at four
I miss every morning, seeing what I was fighting for
I miss your voice, the quirky way you speak
I miss the way it would go high pitched when you would freak
I miss the playful feigned offense
I miss lowering my defense
I miss being excited all day to tell you something fun
I miss adjusting my webcam settings for the rising sun
I miss the little postcards with the doodles that you drew
If you missed the point, I'm trying to say I miss you
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 2 3
My Virus
Holding my head under
Pulled up by my hair when the black starts to iris
Distant thunder
You'll always be my virus
Ghost notes from the ovis aries
Bones of you so bleached and dried
Image on image like beads on a rosary
I'm gonna love you 'til the seas run dry
I dreamt that we were reunited
Fresh start for both, feeling so grand
I watched and I became delighted
As you reached out for my hand
We strolled together, moonlight beaming
Lit your face, so soft and pale
Then I knew that I was dreaming
My mind weaving unconscious tales
Awoke with a gasp, as if once more my head was held under
Like being pulled up by my hair when the black started to iris
It's farther still, that distant thunder
But you'll always be my virus
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 0
Salt stings my eyes
Treading water is wearing out my thighs
Fatigue submerges me anew
My view of the world now askew
I desperately reach out for the edge
But my hands find no purchase on the ledge
Saline overload on my tongue
As the deluge fills my lungs
I begin to panic momentarily
Then the calm washes over me
Blink once more, it's my last
Eyes open lifeless, as if made of glass
A boy floating face down, such a fool
His tears filled up this massive pool
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
Sideshow Attraction
Come one come all for the most pitiful of sights
A lovesick boy on the stage tonight
He shuts the whole world out, watch as he cries
Hear him beg to his God to die
His body exhausted, His eyes red and puffed
This poor boy will never know When enough is enough
He fights and he fights For love yet unseen
So in walks the girl, the girl of his dreams
His heart on a yo-yo, she squeals with delight
Up and down, up and down, which will it be tonight
Now you'll want to see this, folks gather 'round
Every now and then, she makes his heart hit the ground
Now it's covered with gravel, covered with dirt
But our lovesick boy just smiles through the hurt
He can't make it end, he can't pull the trigger
Convinced they're destined for something much bigger
Ladies and gentlemen, you're getting your nickel's worth
Our boy here loves the girl more than anything on earth
And fortunately for him, she feels the same
But they aren't the only players in this sordid game
There's more to this story, if you'd lik
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
Forever Dreams
Close my eyes just one more time
In my forever dreams maybe you'll be mine
I won't have anymore reason to cry
In my forever dreams my eyes will be dry
Sleep eternally, never awake
My forever dreams can't be fake
But if losing you's at stake
Lord, my soul, you may not take
If you're in them, I'll never part
In my forever dreams you won't break my heart
Real life stings, like a poison dart
My forever dreams are like a work of art.
Slip into them, slip away
In my forever dreams I needn't beg you to stay
The Skies are never grey
In my forever dreams you'd never stray
So let me go, without much fanfare
Waiting in my forever dreams for you to get there
Where everything is right, everything is fair
Sleeping forever, I just won't care.
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
In My Soul
Vast expanse
Separates our Great Romance
Absence makes the heart grow paranoid
Distance creates a greater void
In My Soul
So hop a plane
'Cuz without you here it's just not the same
Number one with a bullet on my charts
I belong to you, every part. And you're
In My Soul
Count the moments 'til I see your face
Ain't nothin' in this world gon' replace you
Can't say ya don't faze me
If ya left, that'd make me crazy. Girl, you're
In My Soul
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
Points of Data
1. I am yours and you are mine, but not necessarily the latter
2. There's so much shit to sidestep now in these corridors that I used to freely run
3. All you need is love*
*= love sold separately
4. Everyone makes it up as they go along
5. I hear outer space is lovely this time of year
6. All armless retards are closeted homosexuals
7. Being driven crazy means I would have to accept a ride
8. Kept promises seem to be a commodity
9. There's no sense crying over every mistake
10. Once again, by heart
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
(Verse 1)
Different words
Same meaning
On my knees
still pleading
Different face
Different heart
But still I play
The same part
Give me a script
A book of rules
So I can act this part
And play this game so cruel
(Verse 2)
Different reaction
Same need
Still want to let out the anguish
To see myself bleed
Different partner
Different dance
When does the music end
So I finally get my chance
If I could make you mine
I'd flip the table
Break character
To have that label
But that's not what you want for me
What you want me to be
So Give me a script
A book of rules
So I can act this part
And play this game so cruel
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 0
Drive Me Wild Part 9
I tossed the lifeless body of one of the chupacabras off of me. It's broken neck caused the head to loll and it was actually quite humorous.
"I'm right here."
"Good. Help me up."
A sickly looking hand came into my field of vision as I lay on my back in the blinding desert sun. I grabbed on to it and pulled myself up, grunting as I did so. I squinted at the gangly lurking figure as I brushed myself off all over.
"Good lookin' out. Thanks for the save."
He smirked and responded in his trademark raspy, gravelly voice.
"That's what I'm here for."
"Hey, gimme that stupid necklace from the floorboard."
The passenger side door creaked slightly as it opened and my undead partner, Mo'Lock, reached down to the floorboard. He retrieved the necklace and brought it to me. I snatched it from him and stared at the crystal. It wasn't glowing anymore.
"Doesn't it figure? Fuckin' chupacabras have GPS but I still don't."
I shot a glance to my possessed car and raised my voice as I got to the part a
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
Drive Me Wild Part 8
I came to in the car, right side up. Have I told you how much I fucking love my Possessed car? No? I fucking love my possessed car. I had a headache, but that was more likely from the hangover than from the crash. I rubbed my head. The little light streaming though my closed lids was torture, there was no way in hell I was going to actually open my eyes
"Mo, are you there?!"
"Yes Cal, I am still here."
"Good. Please tell me the whiskey's intact?"
I felt the seat shift as he spun around to check on the bottles of life-giving alcohol.
"Oh dear."
"What?! No Oh dear. I better not have heard you say oh dear."
"You did indeed Cal. You might want to have a look for yourself."
"The hell I will, the sun's out, do you know what that'll do to me? SPIVEY, honk twice if the floorboards in the back are wet."
A pause.
"Umm, Cal, I do believe spilled whiskey is the least of our problems at the moment."
"How could there be anything worse right now than
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 0
Drive Me Wild Part 7
Previously in Criminal Macabre: Drive Me Wild
Hi, my name's Cal, and I'm an addict…Wait, wrong speech. So yeah, I'm Cal McDonald. I'm a private investigator that deals with the shit no one else wants anything to do with. I don't use the term "paranormal" because I'm not gay. I got a drinking problem, and I'm a disciple of modern chemistry (read: pill popper). I got this assistant, guess you could call him a sidekick of sorts if you really wanted to. Undead dude named Mo'Lock. Guess his name was Michael Locke when he was alive or somethin'. All I know is he's a solid guy for a slowly rotting corpse. Truth be told, he's the best friend I have at the moment; but, if you tell him that particular truth, I'll deny it, and then slit your throat while you sleep. I've been holed up in L.A. for the past couple years, makin' money here and there solving cases. Two nights ago Mo'Lock busted in to my place rantin' about us being needed in DC again. So I loaded up the car (a classic Chevy Nova
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 0
Drive Me Wild Part 6
I walked to the car, limping slightly, with a dirty cook's towel tied around the gash in my arm. When I got there, Mo was just sitting there, happy as if he had a whole brain. I slammed on the frame of the door as I approached and it was about as close to startled as I've ever seen the guy be.
"Oh, Cal, what happened?"
I became exasperated quickly, "What happened? What happened?! What happened is the guy who was supposed to watch my back is fucking undead! What happened was, I was expecting you to charge in after fifteen minutes and toss me my pistol, real Tonto like! But what actually happened?  I just splattered a second generation cannibal, at least that I've encountered, all over the wall of his own kitchen where he cooked PEOPLE! But that only happened after an extremely painful gash in my arm from a fucking MEAT CLEAVER!"
Mo looked at his feet, he seemed ashamed.
"I'm sorry Cal. Really, I'm truly sorry. I just lost track of time; you know I never carry a watch, and you
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 0 0


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