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So, it's time for me to do a little backtracking
Like a big newspaper time to issue a retraction
I miss what we had, all the things we would do
But never in million years could I miss you

True self comes out, where was this back when
Claws come out only after it ends
Girl you had me twisted, mind brainwashed
Changed who I was for you, and got lost

OH-EM-GEE Does that hit close to home?
Sounds just like same song different tone
You did to others like he did to you
Your own twisted fucked up golden rule

Now you're gonna try to play it innocent like
Never asked no one to change, it was all me, right?
We both fuckin' know that's a bald-faced lie
If I didn't roll with it you'd have said goodbye

Back to my senses
But your cloud's in the distance
Wonder what poor sap you're raining on now
How long will it be til he feels like he's drowning

It was a year and a half of my life
Everyone remembers good times before strife
If only I could hate you, like's vice versa
Your virus dormant in my system, just like MRSA

All that precious time hijacked like Peeta
But you ain't no fuckin' Katniss, tell me, have you seen her?
Your tracker jacker venom got me goin' what's the deal
Recollection so shiny like...real, or not real?

Like Willie you were always on my mind
But now there's only one fact that I find
Words stinging so much I was finally unbound
You always were a cunt, I'm just comin' around
I wrote this way back at the end of August, but I'm just now not giving enough of a fuck to post it. The only reasons I'm actually posting it are because I like how it turned out, and I post all my poems here.
Andrew-of-Dark Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
So I'm late to the party, but this is excellent, my friend.
MeineSehnsucht Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010   Writer
It is nice in some way.
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